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Kumon Math Program

Kumon Math ProgramThe Kumon Math Program is a comprehensive program that develops the necessary skills to help a child progress from counting to calculus.

Often children have trouble simplifying fractional expressions in algebra because they have not mastered basic calculations. The Kumon Method develops proficiency at every level, so Kumon students build the solid foundation they need to advance more successfully and confidently through their school’s math curriculum.

The ease with which Kumon students routinely learn to perform basic operations and solve problems is perhaps the most dramatic testament to the effectiveness of the Kumon Method.

How Does Kumon Math Differ From Tutoring?

Kumon does not offer children individual tutoring.  Instead new concepts are introduced at the start of a new worksheet booklet, providing a simple example, and the student then begins to attempt questions immediately. The work is introduced in such small steps that there appears to be a natural progression. This avoids students becoming discouraged and losing confidence.

Once we administer a Placement Test to the student and we determine their individual “comfortable starting point”, we create an individualized lesson plan.  Once or twice a week, the student attends our Kumon center where we check over the completed and corrected work from home and guide students through their respective new classwork.  Once students have completed their work in our classroom, we grade this assignment and students correct any mistakes.  If the student successfuly completes the corrections, this is reassurance that he would be able to do well at home with his new assignments.  Based on work completed at home and in the classroom, their respective lesson plan is reviewed and if need be, adjusted.  We also administer any assessment tests that may be required.

Students have to gain complete mastery of a subject before they are allowed to move on to the next level. This is judged not only by the accuracy of their work but by the time in which it is completed.

One of the great advantages of Kumon is that it allows students to progress at their own pace. Students are not required to study at their grade level, rather, they progress to the level at which they are comfortable. Often students may be studying 2-3 years above their school grade level.

Many students enrolled in our Math Program report improving their grades as well as greatly increasing their confidence in mathematics.